I’m really privileged to be a part of the wonderful BUSKAID project 10-17 July. I’ll be joining young string players from Soweto in their UK Tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of democracy in South Africa, and including music by Bach, Rameau and Muffat, and directed by the inspiring Rosemary Nalden. Rosemary’s belief that children in the South African townships should all have the chance to experience classical music to the highest standards, and through that, to channel their creative energies in positive ways has gained wide support and recognition. I’m really looking forward to working with these inspiring youngsters.

Buskaid will be touring to The Cheltenham Festival (10 July), St George’s, Brandon Hill in Bristol (11 July), Boughton House (13 July) and the Southbank Centre, at Queen Elizabeth Hall (16 July). More details at http://www.buskaid.org.za/news.htm