Bushy_House,_Bushy_Park_-_geograph.org.uk_-_362754Bushy House (above), a former Royal residence in Teddington, is now part of the National Physical Laboratory and home to the NPL’s series of lunchtime concerts. I’m happy to be doing the next one, on Thursday 1 October when I’ll be playing the first three of Bach’s French Suites.

Audiences at the NPL’s concerts are used to hearing their fine 1911 Steinway grand, but on 1 October I’ll be playing these wonderful French Suites on a single-manual Andrew Garlick harpsichord (below), made in 2000 and copied from an original Ruckers in Antwerp (1639). Nor will these be in equal temperament. If you’d like to find out which temperament (I’ll decide on the day!), come along and give the concert a try: 12.45 next Thursday, Bushy House TW11 0EB.