Delighted to have been invited to give some seminars and masterclasses at the Fondation Royaumont, Centre Culturelle de Rencontres next August on English Virginal Music.

This takes me back to the years of my PhD thesis (far too long ago!) when I was immersed in editing the consort music of Tomkins (1572-1656) and writing an extended study of his instrumental music, including a huge output for keyboard. Much influenced by the works of his likely teacher, Byrd, and colleague Bull and Gibbons, Tomkins was fundamentally a conservative composer, though making occasional forays into more idiosyncratic keyboard textures. Subsequently, I re-edited his Complete Keyboard Works for Music Britannica (2010), building on the pioneering work of Stephen Tuttle and Thurston Dart. It’s great to get back into playing this challenging and brilliantly inventive repertoire at Royaumont.