The latest in a series of Mozart premieres will be on Sunday 10 January at 3 pm in the Music in New Malden concert series.

Mozart premieres? Yes: new arrangements of his piano concertos for fortepiano and classical wind sextet (pairs of clarinets, horns and bassoons) by Robert Percival, himself expert on the classical bassoon. So far, MiNM has been the launch for Robert’s arrangements of K.271, K.488 and K.365 (the double concerto, which I played last June with Steven Devine). Mozart’s last piano concerto presents something of a challenge in view of its extraordinary exploratory chromaticism, and also the extent to which it concentrates on sound for sound’s sake in the original scoring. Looking at Robert’s score, I’m keen to try out his innovative solutions next week.

The concerto arrangement will be repeated on Tuesday 12 January at St Peter’s Streatham, 7.30pm.